Wednesday, December 10, 2014


This is by far my favorite time of the year...besides fall of course! I love all the festivities and fun activities I get to share with my family.  I wanted to share one of our favorite traditions with you...Introducing...

Grinch Dinner 2014!

I started this tradition a few years back and it has evolved since then.  Last night we enjoyed our Grinch Dinner and finished it off with the movie of course.

A new item that I added this year were the menu cards.  I made them with Picmonkey and some downloadable Grinched Font.  You are welcome to use the same menu printable provided below.  I simply printed them as 5x7 photos in my print option.

I also added a few Grinch printables that I found on Pinterest in a few dollar store frames that I reuse for different occasions.  I think they added to the festiveness, don't cha think?

My other decorations had been picked up from year to year from the Dollar Tree.  I used different color chargers as serving trays and long colorful napkins as place mats.  My festive green plates are from Big Lots with matching napkins.  I love using paper plates for this dinner because of the quick clean up.  I want to enjoy the movie too you know!

The Grinch cups and candy cane plastic straws were purchased from Walmart a few years ago.  I am sure you can still find them though.  They were in the large bins of plastic character cups for $0.99.

The Hubs and my favorite part of the dinner is of course the food!! We love these green beans and hashbrowns with cheese! I actually made the green beans for Thanksgiving this year.  They were a hit!  I will be sure to share in the next week or so.

The littles' favorite part of the dinner is the Beezlenut Splash a.k.a. Sprite Float with Lime Sherbert.  It is bubbly and fun and just about the only time they get ice cream with dinner!

What would a Grinch Dinner be without Who Pudding!  Now, I have made the actual Who Pudding before, but my family was not a big fan.  I have found that Jello instant pudding is a much quicker and more favorable option!  I topped it with Cool Whip and holiday Oreos.  

After dinner the kids colored Grinch coloring pages while the Hubs and I cleaned up the kitchen.  Once everything was done, we started the movie and called it a successful night!

Christmas really is something more...Christmas truly does not come from a store!  Christmas comes from the joy and hearts of children.  I love doing these fun things with my Littles and seeing the joy it brings them!  Does Grinch Dinner sound like something you will add to your holiday traditions?

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