Wednesday, August 6, 2014


I have been so busy over the past weekend that I have not been able to come up with any wonderful new things for you, so today you learn a little about me!

* Impatiently waiting for Fall.  I love all things about Fall from football to Sam Adams Octoberfest.  I love the beauty of the leaves changing and the cooler air.  It makes me energized and my heart happy!
* Jonesin' to go camping.  Now if you would have known me anytime before last year you would have never ever heard those words come out of my mouth.  Last year was the first time we went camping as a family with some friends at a place with power!  I am not a true camper.  I need a little power and some water and a bath house.  I will stay in a tent and do all the camping things, but I do not, repeat DO NOT camp without these things.  Ha!
* Exercising like a mad woman.  I joined the #NOEXCUSES1500 challenge with Pink Heels Pink Truck for this month.  It is a #1500in31 challenge meaning I have to exercise for 1500 minutes in the 31 days of August.  I am currently up to 170 as of this a.m. I will be running for 60 min tonight!  It is a lot and a bit overwhelming, but if I can even get close I will be happy!
* Eating clean.  Can I please just jump on a soapbox for a minute and say that when you eat clean you definitely feel better.  I have been eating clean for almost three weeks now. Don't get me wrong, I sometimes splurge.  When I eat clean I feel great and when I splurge I ask myself WHY?!?!?  I feel like crap afterward.  It is really worth it people!!! Cut the crap!!  You will love yourself for it.
* Ready for Back To School.  Have I mentioned this is my favorite time of the year?  I have always loved the back to school buzz.  It is like a Happy New Year in the middle of the year.  A clean slate and a new start.  I live vicariously through my children.  Little Man will be a...SECOND GRADER!!! I am still in shock.  And Miss Priss will be in Pre-K.  We will be starting to get back in the daily routine next week to prepare with bed times, chores, and preparing for the day ahead.  I love order and having a schedule so I am in heaven.
Be sure to check back in.  I will have some fun Back to School things posted for you in the next few weeks.
* Proud of my Lil Man.  He had his fall baseball draft last night, which I missed because I was running my tail off on the elliptical.  The Hubs said he did great!  He hit five of the seven pitches thrown to him and also did great in the field.  This is awesome because in Spring ball he could barely ever hit the ball.  A coach actually went up to him during the hitting portion of the draft and asked his number!!  Go Little Man!!! We are on the Detroit Tigers team and start the madness of 3 per week practice on Thursday.  I am ready to break out my new Team Mom Bags!
What are you currently doing?  Anyone as ready for Fall as I am?  I just can't wait!!
Happy Hump Day Ya'll!

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  1. Stopping by from the linkup! Ya know, I've been in denial that I'm not ready for fall because this summer has flown by way too quickly, but I will admit, I do look forward to the fall colors, activities, and foods! I'm a huge fan of camping... although as you will see my post today is about our new RV and I totally do not camp without water or electricity! haha! :)

  2. I love that fitness challenge! What a great idea :) You go girl! I have also never been camping--but it sounds like maybe I wouldn't hate it as much as I think!


  3. Fall is my favorite season too. I love that sign. It's cute. I am patiently waiting for Fall as well. Why do you love Fall so much?

  4. Hi Tela, I love your post :) i look forward to stopping by again another day. This post encouraged me to do another lighthearted post over on my blog next. Thank you :) i am still getting my playful self back. Have a beautiful day! Btw, i love fall!! :) warmest, Jenn

  5. Fall is my favorite, but I am still trying to hang on to Summer. It has gone by so fast! You are doing great with your exercise and eating! I'm slowly working on the eating clean, and really close to getting back the the working out thing.

  6. I love currently posts, so no worries there. Plus I love being caught up with all thats going on in your life. Fall will be here before I know it (especially the weather in the mountains), so I'm trying not to wish it here too soon. But I am excited for fall clothes and pumpkin everything.

    You are doing GREAT with all the fitness/exercise stuff! Keep it up. I agree, if you get close to the 1500 goal you're doing great. I definitely need to join another one of these challenges when they happen again.

    I can only imagine the goodies you will come up with due to "back to school". Looking forward to it.

    So, needless to say after this book of a comment I loved this post. :)


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