Monday, August 25, 2014


Happy Monday lovely ladies!  Today I am the featured blogger on Monday Morning Gossip!  I am super excited about it, so please hop on over and visit!  

Another thing that gets me excited is music, specifically the music that fuels my cardio workouts!  I wouldn't be the same if I didn't have my iPhone pumping my "Sweat" playlist and my earbuds in my ears while melting away the pounds.

Here are my top 10 favorites...

Roar - Katy Perry by Roar - Katy Perry on Grooveshark

Bad Medicine by Bon Jovi on Grooveshark

What songs fuel your cardio groove?  I would love to add them to my playlist!!

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  1. We're so happy to have you for MMG!!

    I'm totally starting a diet and exercise routine today so this list is perfect. Thanks :)

  2. Great round up! Depending on my mood I'll either go heavy rock or hip hop lol need to get angry if I'm going to run.

    Happy to have you as our Featured Blogger on MMG this week :)

  3. i love these workout songs! i need to update my ipod! xo jillian - stop by, im hosting a great giveaway on cornflake dreams

  4. Great list. I usually rock out to Black Keys, Metallica, etc. Any heart pounding.

  5. I love the diversity of songs on here. I just recently heard the "all about that bass" song (I know, I know, I must live under a rock) and it's pretty catch. I also like the Fancy song, which I've only heard thanks to the phone commercial. But my favorite is the last one, you can NEVER go wrong with some Luke Bryan.

  6. What a great mix! Definitely going to add a few of those to my playlist!


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