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WHAT'S IN MY BAG - Super Team Mom Edition

Being a team mom can be the most rewarding and the most stressful job imagineable!  To ease the stress it helps if you are organized and ready for anything that may come your way...baseballs included!  I recently received these bags from RKEmbroideryBoutique and am absolutely in love with them.  

Because we are just ending our Summer baseball season and about to go into our first Fall Ball experience, I thought I should get more organized and put these fabulous new bags to good use. 

Here is What's In My Bag? - Super Team Mom Edition!

First of all let me tell you how much I love these bags...have I mentioned that??  They are super light weight and durable.  These are the two things I always look for in my bags.  I carry a ton of stuff and a heavy bag on top of all of its contents is just impossible!  My bags have to be durable as much as I use them.  These have a nice wipeable inside in case of spills and a durable canvas-like outside.

RKEmbroideryBoutique also has a ton of embroidery designs, colors and fonts to choose from and they are included in the price of the bag!!!  Can you believe it?? The embroidery is beautiful, fun and adds so much to your bag! 

This bag is what I call my "Carry All".  This bag has a zipper closure and is 18"W x 16"H x 4 1/2"D.  For those who are dimensionally challenged like me, that is a big bag folks!  This bag has long straps which are nice when caring it over your shoulder.  Again it is light weight and durable!

In this bag I can fit: 
My "Essentials Bag" (which will be discussed below)
* Snacks
* Towel
* Small Umbrella (not pictured)
* Koozies
* Water bottles/juice boxes

And still have more room in the top for other things.  AND IT ZIPS! 

My "Essentials Bag" holds just that, the essentials.  This is by far the most important bag of them all!  This bag  also has a zipper closure plus a front pocket.  It is 15 1/2"Wx12"H. In this bag I have four smaller pencil bags that hold my various team mom needs.

Sanitization Mini Essentials Bag

* Baby wipes for dirty faces and sticky hands
* Wet Ones antibacterial wipes
* Hand sanitizer
* Toilet paper (you never know when you might run out)

First Aid Essentials Mini Bag

* Ziplock quart size bags (for ice packs)
* Tums
* Pepto chews (in case the ballpark food doesn't agree)
* Thermometer
* First Aid Kit with Bandaids and Scissors (you will always have strings or tape to cut)
* Children's Advil chews
* Medical tape
* Gauze pads
* Dermoplast
* Neo To Go (provided complements of Influenster for testing purposes)
* Epi Pen
* Benadryl Gel (for fire ant and mosquito bites)
* Various Adult pain meds (these also work on children in a pinch just reduce the dose)
* Latex free gloves (not pictured)

I also carry an additional first aid kit (the little white box in the picture above) full of extra bandaids and antiseptic wipes.  You can never have enough!

Sunscreen and Bug Repellent Mini Essentials Bag

* Spray Family Care bug repellent (DEET Free)
* Spray kids sunscreen
* Kids face sunscreen lotion
* Sport sunscreen lotion

You can never have enough sunscreen.  You want to have different kinds for face and body.  My Littles are highly sensitive so we have to use Neutrogena.  I would recommend it though.  It is nice and smooth and doesn't leave them greasy and also smells nice.

Personal Hygiene Mini Essentials Bag

* Hair ties
* Boogie wipes
* Floss
* Chapstick
* Mini manicure set (hang nails are the worst)
* Puffs tissues go pack (provided complements of Influenster for testing purposes)
* Body wipes for Sports (when you just need a little wipe down)
* Lotion
* Shout wipes (get those set in chili dog stains before they get you)

The last tote I carry is my personal "Mom Bag".  This holds everything that is mine, sort of like my ball field purse!  This bag is 12"h x 14"w x 6.5"d and has a side pocket.  Inside it has two small pockets for keys or your cell phone.  

In my "Mom Bag" I carry:

* Keys
* Cell Phone
* Activities for Miss Priss (we don't want her getting bored during games)
* Camera
* Water bottle
* Cash/ID
* Sunglasses
* Coach's Clipboard and contents (discussed below)

Being a good team mom means being prepared for everything, and by everything I mean even when the Coach's aren't prepared!  Just in case of this, I carry my Coach's clipboard and supplies.

Coaches Clipboard

* Clipboard
* Paper
* Post It Notes
* Pencil
* Permanent marker
* Pens
* Masking tape (not pictured)(for labeling things)
* Envelopes (for collecting money)

If you are wondering where all of the sports gear is, I leave that to the Hubs and Little Man.  I make sure that everything is in the bat/football bag and they handle caring it!  If only God would have given Mom's eight arms!
What do you carry in your Super Team Mom bag?

** I received these items copliments of RKEmbrodieryBoutique
for review purposes.  However, all opinions are 100% my own.

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  1. You go super mom! I would love to have bags like these someday when my little bits are running around from field to field.

    1. Thanks Kelly! I know you will be a great sports mommy!!

  2. Great blog! Love the organization you share and awesome bags too. I work witH Rachel's mom.

    1. Thank you Sherry! I love to be organized and I love bags, so this post was easy to write. Rachel's bags are amazing and I love every one of them!

  3. excellent things in that bag. You could also fix it up a little more and make it a beach bag huh?


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