Monday, July 14, 2014

WEEKEND PLANS TO LIFE - Making Memories!

If you caught my Weekend Plans post on Friday you should know that I was successful at four of the five!  Guess which one didn't get done...

(Warning: Photo Dump in Progress)

Friday after work I prepared our Chick-Fil-A cow appreciation day gear.  Everyone loved it...the Littles loved to dress up and have us dress up with them and we loved that dinner was FREE!!!

Miss Priss was not about to have her picture taken alone with the cow, so Little Man is the only one documented. 

After Chick-Fil-A we headed on to Carowinds to use our season passes for the third time this season.  It was a nice evening trip as everyone was leaving the water park and there weren't many people in the main park.  The lines were nearly none and Little Man was able to ride every roller coaster he was tall enough for.  And he did...some twice even!  No fear!!

 Little Man road Carolina Cyclone twice in a row! I couldn't believe it.

When the park was about to close they had the Nights of Fire show where we saw an amazing fireworks show.  Miss Priss had the best seat in the house!

I apologize for the grainy cell phone pictures, but my iPhone is afraid of the dark apparently.

Saturday was a day for house and yard work...did my closet get done...NOPE!  I am starting to wonder if there is a point to changing it over now.  I only have about three months to wear summer clothes.  

I digress...Saturday night we headed to the U.S Whitewater Center for a night of relaxation with some friends.  We watched some rafters, rock climbers and just plain people watched as well.  The boys climbed the shorter rock walls and the girls just hung out and had snacks while we adults enjoyed some QT.

I also got a shot of the Super Moon.  It was the closest moon to the Earth and was full and brilliant.  

Sunday morning we went to the local flea market to see what we could find.  We ended up finding a few little things, but made more memories than anything.  We were able to see the local farm life (caged and for sell of course).  The Littles loved the bunnies, goats, pigs and chickens.  If we had room we would have come home with a bunny!

This Piggy was my favorite!  I named him Wilbur.

What weekend plans did you succeed at?  Which ones did you let slip away? Do you think I should just give up on my closet? I think so too!

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  1. Gorgeous pictures! I wish I could see everything too!


  2. my closet is a disaster right now and I am itching to get that fixed asap!
    good for you for the chikfila dress up, I wanted to do that but soooo much work with my boys. squirmers.
    Marie @ In Our Happy Place

    1. Thanks Marie. Chick Fil A was lots of fun, but I really wish I would have gotten my closet done. Oh well...

  3. Ah! I love seeing these pictures since we're neighbors :) I have not had Chik-Fila in SOO long but damn those pictures have me drooling. Carowinds looks like fun. I literally live 10 minutes away and have not been since I moved to Charlotte 4 years ago! The US Whitewater center is a ton of fun too.

    1. Aww Thanks Liz! Chicken sammies are my vice! We just got our season passes for the first time this year to Carowinds. The Littles are now big enough to enjoy it.


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