Thursday, July 24, 2014

THROWBACK THURSDAY - The House That Built Me

If you would have asked me last year I would have told you that turning 30 was really nothing.  Just another birthday, right?  Well as the time draws near I am starting to think it will be harder than I thought.  A lot of things have changed in my little life this year, some for the better and some...well they will be for the better, but they are hard right now.

In March my Dad retired, which was great for he and my mom, but things were about to change for all of us.  They no longer needed the house that I grew up in and were ready to leave my hometown of Asheville, NC and return to theirs in South Carolina.  They started packing up things and every time I would visit, I would come home with a car full of my belongings that needed to be gone through.  It was hard at first for all of us to start packing up and such, but in time it became easier.

At the first of this month (July 2, 2014) they decided to list the house on the market.  It was time!  We all found out about this at our mini family reunion/get together on July 4th.  It was sad for me, but I was happy for them that they could finally move on and build what would be their "forever home" on our lake property in SC.  It was not ten days later, my Mom called me at work to give me the news.  The house had sold and for just a little under their asking price!

Side Note: We listed our house a few years ago and it was on the market for nine months and never sold! I never thought my parents' house would sell this fast!

I was fine when Mom told me it sold and was excited for them.  They have to be out by August 15, 2014.  I decided then to just take a look at the MLS pictures on the internet to see how great they made the house look and how it sold in 10 days!!  That was when I lost it...

Every room, even without the pictures and decorations on the walls, brought back a memory for me.  I could see us in every single room!  I will miss this was not just a was my HOME!  This is the House that Built Me!

That far left room was mine.  While I lived there the middle garage bay was mine. There are so many wonderful memories of this house and that brick walkway that my parents laid and everything in between.

As you walked in the front door you saw this room which was the foyer and dining room in one.  This is where we all crammed around the table to eat Christmas and Thanksgiving dinner.  We seldom ate in the dining room for any regular dinners, just the important ones.  There was lots of love and laughter around that table as my older brothers would pick on me or my Dad or even Mom at times.  It was all in good fun!

This is the kitchen where my Mom made the most amazing Southern Home Cooked meals!  She let me crack the eggs while saying Humpty Dumpty right there in the first seat of that bar.  She taught me to cook in this kitchen.  Over in the corner is the Kitchen Aid mixer where we made all of our cakes.  On top of the refrigerator my Dad and I would hide Milky Way candy bars and sneak them every once in a while.  I can't even begin to share all of the memories, but I will forever hold them dear.

Down the hall was the office.  This is where my Dad paid the bills and I learned what the internet was on our first home computer.  Here I would sit in the middle of the night as a teenager and sign onto AOL hoping that my parents couldn't hear the dial up sounds from down the hall.  Ha! We have come so far...

This is the guest bathroom a.k.a. the one everyone but Mom used!  It was the only one upstairs with a shower because in the 1970s when the house was built, "master suites" did not exist.  Under this bathroom was the laundry room, so under the sink in that cabinet my Dad cut a hole and made a laundry shoot.  I thought it was a pretty ingenious way to get the dirty cloths from upstairs to down stairs without having to carry them.  

When I was little I actually got stuck in the shoot for what seemed like hours.  I think it was actually about five minutes, but when you are 2 or 3 you have no sense of time.

This was my room.  I loved that room.  I grew up in that room.  It was mine from the time I was born until I moved out to go live with the Hubs!  It was even mine while I had an apartment in college.  My Mom kept it as mine.  I had dreams in that room, watched the sun rise over the mountains there, friends slept over, I spent way too much time on the phone in there, I felt love, heartache, stress, peace, fear and comfort in that room. It was mine.

My parents' room was across the hall from mine.  I loved that they were so close to me.  I would sneak in there bed when I was little and sleep in the middle.  I would have conversations with Mom at night just across the hallway.  I would even pass by the guest bathroom to use hers everytime!  It is funny because Little Miss does the same thing and doesn't even know I did this.

Downstairs was our den/living room where we all gathered to just hang out.  This is where the Christmas tree sat every year, where I sat with my first prom date and talked with my parents before we left, where I watched WWE on the arm of my Dad's old recliner.  This was truly the family room where we all came together as a family and loved each other's company.

When my parents moved in, this was only an open basement.  They built this room as well as the bathroom below and the bedroom that you will see in a moment.  I still remember the shag carpet on the floor that was there so many years ago.

This bedroom has been through all of us!  My oldest brother lived down here when he was at home, then we he moved out my middle brother moved in.  We are a bit closer in age, so I became closer with him naturally.  In this room he would sing Itsy Bitsy Spider with me while we laid on his water bed and made shadows on the ceiling.  This is where he played video games with me and we would just sit and chat. 

When I moved back from college it was my room for a while so that I could have a little more privacy that I was used to from living on my own.  It didn't last long before I was off on my own again.  A few years ago my Dad claimed it as his (he snores a lot!!!) so that he and Mom could actually get some rest at night.

This room has many awesome memories for everyone!

Off of the den/living room was the back patio.  On that porch swing, I would sit with my Mom for hours and hours talking, singing and just resting the days away.  I would play on the porch with friends and it actually housed my wedding shower!

Behind the swing if you look closely we had a hot tub.  I loved that thing as a child and an adult.  It is staying with the house, but boy would I love to have it at mine!  It was always fun to sit in and watch the mountain snow come down in the winter time.  As kids we used it to heat up after a cool dip in the pool in the summer.

The pool was my pride and joy!  I loved having a pool at my house.  My mom taught me as well as so many other children to swim in this pool.  I had countless pool parties here.  It was nice for an August birthday!  I spent every summer just relaxing around it.  I would exercise in it and even could swim the entire length (down and back) under water!  Hehe...I probably couldn't do that now.

I did cartwheels off of the diving board and went head first down the slide!  Man am I going to miss this place.

This is my Dad's work building that housed all of his tools.  When you walked into it you could always smell the metal tools and saw dust!  I can still remember that smell.  

In that block wall to the left there is a time capsule that my friends and I put in while my parents were building the wall.  I may need to get in there before they are gone because I am pretty sure there is a mint condition Chipper Jones card in that mason jar!

The trampoline was a surprise birthday present when I was 11 or 12.  I can't remember the exact year, but I loved that thing as well.  My parents even got the purple cover!!  I remember seeing it from the screened in porch above the patio while we were having cake and ice cream.  I screamed and ran down to it and it was all over from there...they couldn't get me off!  I would even do my homework out there on the nice fall days.

There are more memories in this place than there is space on my little slice of the internet.  I would love to share more, but I will forever have to hold them in my mind.  I am glad that my Littles were able to enjoy this house as much as I was while we still had it.  I will continue to share my memories with them in pictures.

Goodbye my childhood Home!  I will remember you this way forever!

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  1. Awww that must be nostalgic! What a cool house to grow up in! It seems so cozy and fun. Thanks for sharing the photos! 30 wasn't bad for me....28 was for some reason. It's all in how ya feel! You look great by the way! :)

    1. Thanks Kelli! I cried the entire time I was writing the post. I will miss it so much and still have not come to terms that it will be gone in less than a month. I still have the key on my key ring!

  2. What an adorable home! It's always so sad, but so wonderful being able to look back on your childhood home and remember all of the times you had there. Congrats to your parents for being able to sell it with such ease!

    1. Thanks Kelly! I wish I could have had that much luck, but my time will come. Now I know what my Lil Man was feeling when our house was on the market even though he had only lived in it for 5 years. Poor little guy!

  3. What a fun post! That POOL! Im not a summer season type gal but if I had a pool I would sure enjoy it a lot more. How fun to grow up there! Just found your blog from the Wake Up Wednesday link up and I'm glad I stumbled across it! I'm excited to be following along via GFC and Bloglovin'! Looking forward to reading more! :)

    1. Thanks for following! I am so glad you found me and like my blog. I loved that pool!! I kinda wish I had one of my own now. It is always nice to put on a suit in the privacy of your own back yard! Hehe. Happy Friday to you!!

  4. What a great home to grow up in! I can't even imagine all of the emotions that you are going through. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  5. Stopping by from the WYWW link up… thank you for sharing, this is so sweet! It makes me ponder how I will feel when I turn 30 in a few short years or the fact that the house I grew up in has already changed so much (even though my mom still owns it!)


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