Wednesday, July 23, 2014


As we all know...My birthday is coming up in less than two weeks!  Yes, in less than two weeks I will say goodbye to my 20's and head on into the wonderful world of the 30's!

The Hubs has already gotten me an amazing gift that I will be sharing in a few weeks (once he lets me have it), but I will have some other gifts rolling in I hope...Just in case I do, I wanted to share my Five + 1
Monogram Faves!  

Who doesn't love monogramming right?  What better way to know something is yours and also make it super cute in the meantime.

  • ONE - Monogrammed Cutting Board - I cook a lot in my house and spend most of the time at the cutting board prepping veggies and meats.  I love this cutting board and wouldn't mind seeing it in my kitchen everytime I needed to slave over a hot meal!
  • TWO - Otterbox iPhone Case - On New Years Day in the wee hours of the morning I was coming out of a bar after a night of celebrating and my iPhone5 slipped out of my clutch and fell to the can only guess what happened next...yep I had a shattered screen.  What a way to start the year right?  So needless to say after finding out that the insurance was not added to my plan and $250.00 later I had a new iPhone.  I purchased a bulky and unfashionable Otterbox case for it the next day.  Since then I swear by them, but I would love to have a cute monogrammed one like this!
  • THREE - Camera Strap - This is a blogger must!  We are always carrying our cameras around.  Why not do it in style?  My love for Clemson Tigers overtakes my love for monogram on this one.  We are going to just go with the embroidered Tiger paw, but this shop has a ton of monogrammed straps as well.  Isn't this just super cute!
  • FOUR - Monogrammed Stud Earrings - If you couldn't tell by now, chevron is also my thing! These cute little studs would be perfect with just about any outfit.  They are super affordable too!  I may just have to splurge on these and get them for myself.
  • FIVE - Portable Phone Charger - There is nothing worse than a dead cell phone and it seems that mine is always that way!  I love this portable phone charger for when I need a little boost on my battery while I am away from my charger.  It is cute and fun which means I would probably use it more often than just a regular one!  The Hubs would be happy that my phone was actually charged too.  Win Win people!
  • + ONE - Monogrammed Beach Towel - Last month I shared What's In My Beach Bag? - Beach Essentials with you all.  This beach towel was sent to me from for my review and I loved it!  It is super soft and light weight, but also absorbent.  The colors and print are amazing and well, the monogram just sends it over the edge.  I obviously don't need another one, but wanted to share with you this towel as my plus one because I love it so much.
If you love monogramming as much as I do be sure to check out this amazing giveaway that Eat Drink & Be Mary is putting on!  You will not be disappointed in what you could win.  ENTER NOW!

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  1. These are all really cute! I may have to get one of phone cases. I have a teal one, but a fun pattern and monogram sure would be fun.

    I hope you get all of the stuff on your list, and I promise 30 isn't so bad.

  2. These are so cute. I really love that cutting board the best!!! So classy! Thanks for linking up to What You Wish Wednesday! Come back tomorrow!


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