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WHAT'S IN MY BAG? - Beach Essentials

Well if you didn't know...this Southern Gal is at the beach with The Fam!  We are having an amazing time, but I wanted to take a second to show off some of my new favorite items that have made it into my beach bag as well as some of my old favorite beach essentials.
What's in my bag?

I have loved the mail man recently!  He has been bringing me some amazing snail mail from some great companies.  My new favorite beach essentials arrived last week, just in time for my beach trip.


The most important thing in my beach bag is my towel!  I love to have a colorful and fun towel to show off my personality as well as keep me dry.  I received this beautiful personalized beach towel from Cafe Press.  I was not only blown away by the softness of the towel, but also by the quality of the graphics on the towel!  They are perfect!!  All of the lines are so crisp and the colors are rich and pop!  The towel is super absorbent as well and dries quickly. 
I am totally in love with it!!

Currently they have their beach towels for 30% off when you enter the code BEACHBUM30.  You will not be disappointed in these personalized towels.  They are great quality and Cafe Press has a great selection to choose from.  It would make for a great gift as well. Go now and check it out!
New on CafePress! Fun beach towels - customize to fit your style!


I also received a matching koozie from The Pink House Press.  When I saw that they had coral I almost fell out of my seat.  I love coral and I love matchy things.  It was perfect to pair with my new beach towel. 

Every well stocked beach bag needs a fun koozie in it to keep refreshments cold in the summer heat.  This koozie has kept more than it's fair share of liquid of all kinds cold for the past few days!  I love having the fun print on my koozie to let everyone know that I am a Carolina Girl!

Would you like to score one of these for yourself?  I bet you would!!  They come in all sorts of different colors and Southern States (North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, Louisiana, Texas, Florida) and many other custom prints! 

Be sure to check back at the end of the week to see how you to can sport one of these babies in your beach bag this summer. 

Now on to the old favorites! 

In addition to a good magazine, I love to read my Kindle Paperwhite.  As you can see, the sun is shining brightly here at the beach and you are able to still read the screen.  Isn't that amazing!  It is most annoying when you try to look at your cell phone or camera screen in the sun and can't see a thing.  No problems here!  I absolutely love this thing.  I also love that I can have multiple books on the beach with me without my bag feeling like I have just raided a library.  If you love to read and love the beach, you should really invest in one of these.
Next is my Fugifilm waterproof camera and floating wristband.  It is so nice to take this baby out to the beach and not worry about the sand or water hurting it.  It is resistant to just about anything.  The only bad thing about it is that IT WILL SINK!  Make sure to have the floating wristband on it at all times.  This camera takes great pictures in and out of the water.  It also has a great zoom and is light weight.  I bought this one two summers ago and have loved it ever since.
Sunscreen is a must people.  You will find multiple SPFs in my beach bag, but for photos sake I only pictured two.  I have others for the Littles and the Hubs, but these are my personal favorites.  I use the Neutrogena Beach Defense spray for all over protection and the Aveeno face for face. 
I love how the Neutrogena smells and is not sticky at all.  It actually leaves your skin smooth and not greasy.  I also like the spray better than the lotion because after a while of being on the beach with the Littles, I am a sandy mess.  I don't have to rub sand into my skin with the spray, so I much more prefer it over the lotion. 
The Aveeno allows my face to breath and also is not greasy.  It does not break out my face or make it oily.  I also use it on the Littles and it is great for their sensitive skin.  I would recommend these to everyone.  I believe they both come in higher SPFs if necessary for you.  I just usually stick to a 30 SPF and am fine.
Don't forget the lips when you apply your sunscreen!  Burnt lips are no fun and not kissable.  "Ain't nobody got time for that."  I like to use Nivea's A Kiss of Smoothness.  It is hydrating and has a SPF of 10.  It keeps the sun and wind burn away while making my lips smoochy smooth!
The secret is out...I pay a lot to have my hair look like it does and the last thing I want is the sun to ruin that!  I apply Purology Antifade Complex to my hair prior to going out into the sun either on the beach, lake or at the pool.  It protects from fading and chlorine damage.  I also carry this mini bottle of it in my beach bag to periodically reapply if my hair has been in the water for some time.  It also makes my hair smooth and helps with tangles.  I swear by this stuff and have used it for years!
Thanks to Pinterest for the beach hack of using baby powder to remove sand from little (or big) hands.  When your hands are sandy and a towel just wont remove that pesky sticky stuff, just pour a little baby powder onto them and voila!  No more sandy hands! 

I would also add my favorite Oakley Shades, which I featured in this post, to my bag contents but they are always on my face!  I want to protect these baby blues at all costs, so they hardly ever make it in the bag, but they are definitely a beach essential!

What is in your beach bag?  Don't forget to check back for your chance to win a Pink House Press koozie to add to your beach essentials list!  Happy Hump Day ya'll, now back to the beach!

**These products were provided to me by Cafe Press and The Pink House Press
for review purposes however, all opinions are 100% my own.**

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  1. These are definitely some essentials in any bag! I love that towel it's super cute, and of course I love the koozie. Reading is the best way to pass the time while soakin up the sun! I hope y'all are having a great trip.

    1. Thanks Mary. I love this towel and koozie too!! I am so happy with my first real product review products! They are fun and perfect for summer. I wish I had more time to read, but with the littles it is pretty impossible. I hope you are having a great time too.

  2. I LOVEEE your beach essenitals. I'm jealous, I wish I was the beach :( I LOVE your towel and is that camera disposable?

    1. Thank you Liz! I don't want to ever leave. The camera is not disposable. It is a full digital camera that is water, sand and shock proof. I love that thing!

  3. LOVEEE the koozie! Wish they had a virginia one!

    1. Madaline, I haven't seen one on her site, but I am sure she could do something custom for you. Also, check in tomorrow to see how you could possibly win one for yourself!


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