Monday, June 16, 2014

WEEKLY PINspirations - Week No. 11

Every once in a while I get a notification on Pinterest that one of my own creations has been pinned.  There is a certain amount of giddiness that pitter patters in my heart.  Sometimes things that I pinned before being a blogger are repinned over and over again.  I thought it would be great to be able to share with my blog family those pinned creations as well as some you may have already seen on the blog.
Here are your Weekly Pinspirations Sweet Southern T Style!
Something to Create:  Most people know my love for pallets and making anything I can out of them.  Who doesn't love free wood and being crafty from it!  A while back the Hubs made me some pallet wine racks from recycled pallets we scored from his work.  I absolutely love them!!  I posted this pin prior to becoming a blogger and it took off...Yay for repins!

Something to Organize:  When I first started my blog I had a different name.  It was called Organized, Crafty and Devoted.  A play on OCD.  I liked it, but wanted a blog open to more than just those things, so I changed it to Sweet Southern T.  I love the name and think it is a better fit for me.  Under the old name I did a post for my Family Command Center Tour.  Here I showed how I created an organized space for my family to keep the essentials for when we entered/exited our house.  It works so well and everyone seemed to love this pin as well.
Something to Eat:  Ball Field Crockpot BBQ was one of the all time Sweet Southern T recipe favorites on Pinterest.  This recipe is super easy and tastes amazing!  It is also a "fix it and forget it" recipe that works well with busy baseball schedules like ours.  You will have to check this one out...your tastebuds will demand it!

Something to Clean:  For something to clean, I decided I would share my 5 Simple Steps to a Backyard Oasis.  Everyone needs a clean and inviting backyard living space.  It is a wonderful place to kick back and relax when the weather is nice.  Be Pinspired to clean up a space for you to relax!

Something to Wear:  My Summer Color Block post was one of my favorite outfits that I have shown on the blog.  I love color block and had fun with this one.  It is also a super cute and comfy go to outfit.The pinspiration can be found here or you can go straight to the post above.
Something to Live By:   One of the pins that I posted to Pinterest prior to blogging that have absolutely blown up is my "Bushel and a Peck" handmade playroom art.  I recently revamped our playroom and wanted to have the decorations made by the Littles.  This art quote was something that my Mom used to sing to me and that I sing to my Littles.  I love that I was able to pass down the memory and also make some super cute handmade playroom art.
Happy Monday loves!  I know you will enjoy this Sweet Southern T inspired edition of Weekly PINspirations.  Go and be PINspired!

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