Friday, June 20, 2014

FRIDAY FREEBIES - Free Fun Beach Activities + GIVEAWAY

Vacation is always a time for Family Fun, but it doesn't always need to break the bank.  The beach is a wonderful place to have fun for free.  It is God's gift of a free amuzement park. Why not enjoy it in all of it's glory. 
Here are our Five Free Fun Beach Activities to enjoy this summer...
(Go Fly a Kite)
Kites are fun for all ages.  We have had this one for three years that we purchased for $10.00 at Sams.  It has seen it's fair share of blue beachy skies.  The Littles love to fly the kite and the Hubs has it down to a science.  This year we actually flew it and then tied it up to a shovel in the sand and let it fly itself.  Talk about a conversation starter!

(Put a Little Boogie in It)
Boogie boarding is always a fun pass time.  Little Man's boogie board is actually the same one that I used to use when I was little.  I know...that thing is OLD!  They don't make them like they used to, so we will keep this one around until it falls apart.  Little Man is getting pretty good at catching waves.  I even caught one today!  You don't always have a boogie can also body surf.  It is just as free and just as fun!

(Bicycle...Bicycle...I Want to Ride My Bicycle)
We take our Little's bikes just about everywhere we go.  Sometimes we even take our own, but this time we only had room for the smaller ones.  There is just something about riding bikes at the beach that is relaxing and fun for the entire family.  This year we found an empty parking lot and a walking trail to ride on.  You can also take them down to the beach and just about anywhere depending on your riding skill level.  Remember to be safe and wear a helmet!

(Sea Creature Search and Rescue)
It never fails that everytime we come to the beach we find some sort of sea creature or wildlife to find, rescue or dispose of.  This is also totally free and also, most of the time, makes people happy and is also a conversation starter.  Last year we were able to see a Horseshoe Crab in the ocean and a Hammerhead Shark that someone had caught.  Earlier this year we saw/disposed of a few jelly fish and this time we found a dead Sand Shark on the beach!  Little Man had a "big fish story" that he caught it with his bare hands and killed it with his shovel.  I actually found it, but we let him roll with it. Ha! 

(Long Walks on the Beach)
The beach is always free!  We love to walk on the beach and find sea shells in the evening.  The Littles love that the sand is not hot and the beach is not crowded, so they can run anywhere they want.  It gives them a sense of freedom and an outlet for some pent up after nap energy.  It is also a romantic time for the Hubs and I...and it makes for some great photo opportunities!

 Free fun is always awesome!  I hope you enjoy some of these free activities this Summer with your families and/or friends. 
Speaking of fun Summer freebies...who wants to add a new free koozie to their Beach Bag Essentials
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    1. Hi Kelly! Thanks for following. I hope you have a great weekend!

  2. I love beach trips! Hope ya'll have a fabulous weekend :)

  3. These are too cute! Love the koozies. and there is a lot of fun, free things to do on or near the beach!

    lauren51990 AT aol DOT com

  4. I LOVE these pictures of your kiddos! They are precious. What beach do y'all go to? My son would say he found the shark too:)


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