Wednesday, June 25, 2014


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Still Loving:  My Carolina koozie from Pink House Press!  I cannot get enough of this thing.  I take it everywhere in my purse and every drink I have in my hand fits nicely into my wonderful koozie.  Don't forget to enter to win one for yourself.  Time is running out!

Excited About:  My new snail mail that came while I was away on vacation!  Three cute new bags for me to keep my sports mama self organized! {post to come} Have I mentioned I have a purse/bag fetish...

Stressing Over:  Work! is not fair how hard you have to work before and after vacation just to let loose for one week a year!  Geezzz.....

Eating:  Pretty much everything bad for me! Don't you love the week before....??? Greasy, cheesy, doesn't matter just give it to me.

Desperately Needing:  A date night!  While I love vacation with my Littles, we had them the entire week with no break.  I am really needing a reason to get dressed up and go out with the Hubs!

Wanting to Be:  At the lake with my family and close friends to celebrate July 4th!  It is an annual tradition for all of us to gather at my parents lake house and cook out and have a great time.  I just can't wait!! I am feeling a little homesick for my family and friends.

Drinking:  A chocolate protein shake from my new free Shaker Bottle from GNC.  I was super excited that I received a 25% coupon for any purchase and a free shaker bottle with any protein powder purchase  in my email, so I went and got some chocolate whey protein and they guy working also let me get the free shaker bottle!! Win win right!

Wanting to Make:  This color block bag from my $3 bag that I got at the One Spot in Target (which the day I bought it got red juice box spilled all in the bottom of it!)  This is the perfect cheap fix and I love the look!

Listening To:  My favorite 15 Throwback Songs of Summer.  I just can't get enough of them and they are quite frankly helping me cope with the reality that I am no longer on vacation!

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  1. Im a bag lady too, I love to get a new one. I think the black and tan idea is really cool, an easy DIY. Im also desperately in need of a date night! Hope you have a great vacation!

    1. Thanks Megan for stopping by. I love the black and tan and can't wait to fix my bag. I may very well get my date night Friday...crossing my fingers. I hope you get one soon as well. Happy Wednesday!

  2. That card pretty much sums me up too :)

  3. I love that bag idea! I've never thought of painting one myself. I'll have to try this!! :-)

    1. I am in the middle of doing mine! So far so good, but I ran out of paint. Bummer!


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