Wednesday, May 7, 2014

WINE A LITTLE - Hostess Gift Bag

This weekend one of my co-workers will be getting married in Charleston, SC.  The Hubs and I will be traveling down on Friday morning and enjoying the day there before attending the wedding Friday evening.  Instead of getting a room for just one night, we were invited by another co-worker friend of mine who lives in Charleston to stay with her.  As you know, I am big on Southern Hospitality and so is this friend.  She is actually turning over her master suite to us.  She is too much!!  

My mom always taught me to bring a gift for the hostess to any party and to anyone you are a house guest for.  It is just part of that Southern Hospitality thing again!  So, I ventured out to Target and put together this deliciously inexpensive yet thoughtful, Wine a Little Hostess Gift Bag.  Check out all the goodies!!!

First I chose a red and a white wine.  A red that was a bit on the dryer side and a white that was more sweet.  This way they could choose which they liked best.  Not knowing exactly their tastes I went with ones that I liked and know most people give rave reviews.

The red is Apothic Red and it is a blend of rhubarb and black cherry with hints of mocha and vanilla.  The white is Chateau Ste Michelle Riesling which is a semi-sweet white wine that has a more fruity flavor and a mild spritz.  I love both of these and think my hostess will as well!

 Next I found some little snacks that would go well with or without the wine.  I decided that everyone loves, or should love, chocolate.  Red wine tastes great with it as well.  So, I went for my favorite little truffle...the Lindor Truffle Assorted Pack.  I also chose a mix of nuts and chocolate to add into my gift bag.

I already had a card making kit that I had purchased a while back in the One Spot at Target, so I decided I would hand make a Thank You card for my hostess and put it in an inexpensive yet "blingy" frame to add a little dimention to the card.  My hostess also gets a cute 4x6 frame out of the deal!

I have always been a big fan of packing a gift in a reusable bag.  It is just another gift that you are giving and it most likely will not be re-gifted, trashed or stored in a closet/attic for years until the right re-gifting opportunity comes along.  I found this cute little bag in the One Spot at Target too.  Can you tell that is my favorite place in the entire store...well besides Starbucks!?!  

Once I had all of the contents for my gift I began packing it up!

I purchased some matching tissue paper for the bag that was more heavy duty than normal tissue paper.  I wanted to make sure that it would hold up to the trip and the movement of the wine and other contents in the bag.  I also don't like to skimp on tissue paper.  You put all this money and effort into the gift, you may as well make the end result look nice!

I learned a little trick from one of my friends mom's a while back on how to properly place tissue paper into a gift bag so that it won't unbunch on you.  You simply take the tissue paper in the middle and pull the ends up, then twist the middle tightly before placing it in the bag.  Like so...

It works every time!  Aren't mom's full of wonderful information?!?  I then stuffed the bag with the tissue paper and finished it off with a rafeta bow!  I also love rafeta and everything is prettier with a bow...EVERYTHING!

I hope my co-worker/friend will enjoy her Wine a Little Hostess Gift Bag and I hope you enjoyed it as well.  Do you have any gift wrapping tips you would like to share?  I am all ears!

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  1. Such a cute little gift!! Love the bag!

  2. These gifts are too cute! I love the theme of this hostess gift, and I'm so jealous of that bag. I hate that there isn't a Target closer to me. And I've never heard of that tissue paper trick before; I'm definitely going to have to try it!

    1. I'm glad that I could share the tissue trick! It blew me away when she showed me how to do it!

  3. Apothic Red is my fave!!! So good and so inexpensive!! The gift bag turned out adorable!! Thanks for the tissue paper trick!!

    1. Thanks so much and I am so happy to share the paper truck! I love the red as well for the same reasons!


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