Monday, May 12, 2014

WEEKLY PINspirations - Week No. 7

Good Monday Morning everyone!  I hope you all had a great Mother's Day weekend.  I know I did!  Being on the beach without the Littles was a little strange, I must admit, but it was super relaxing and just what I needed to decompress.  The wedding was beautiful!!  We had a great time.

Now on to this week's PINspirations!

Something to Create:  This week is Teacher Appreciation Week where I am from and it is time to let them know that we are thankful for all that they do with our children to help them learn and grow.  I know that I do not have the patience to do this and it must take a special person to have a passion to work with children all day.  So if you are or were or going to be a Teacher...THANK YOU!!!  I found this cute gift idea and think it will be my PINspiration for my gifts.  I love that this gift gets them ready for their much needed and long awaited summer vacation!

Something to Organize:  If you are like me you are in a super hurry in the morning...afternoon...well just about all the get ready for anything.  Under my sink used to be an unorganized mess!  I couldn't find anything quickly, I had to dig to find what I needed and then would become frustrated and LATE!  I took this PINspiration  on a while back and reorganized under my sink and under the Hubs sink.  I am a much happier and on time person now.  You should check it out!  Hopefully I can share mine soon!

Something to Eat:  This week is going to be a crazy one.  We have three baseball games, a coaches meeting for Summer baseball and we also have gymnastics.  This is something every night this week.  In trying to prepare a menu plan for this chaotic week I turned to my crock pot.  I will not be home to cook, so it can do the work for me!  This recipe is something like the one I use with my pulled pork BBQ, but chicken takes a lot less time to thaw than a pork butt!  This may be happening tonight.  It looks delicious and easy!

Something to Clean:  Does anyone think that the price of paper towels has become OUTRAGEOUS!!!  Well I do.  I found this Not-Paper Towel Experiment PINspiration a while back and have been doing it ever since.  We still have paper towels (under the sink now) but rarely ever use them.  This is one of those things that make you go hmmmmm....

Something to Wear:  I was linking up last week to Because Shanna Said So and read through her post for that day.  I ended up pinning this PINspiration myself!  I love this outfit and have worn something like it many times.  It is super stylish, comfy and versatile enough for any occasion!  I love this maxi dress and jean jacket combo.  It is definitely a go to!

Something to Live By:  I won't lie...this exercise challenge is kicking my rear and I feel like I am not seeing results fast enough.  Isn't that what we always do...put on the weight over a few months and expect it to come off in oh about two hours!  This something to live by quote is just what I need to remember that I will get there when I get there!  This could mean weight loss, a goal of any kind, a job...anything!  Read it, love it, live by it!

Be PINspired!  Let me know if you have any pins that PINspire you.  I would love to see them and share them.  Happy Monday!

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