Monday, May 19, 2014

WEEKLY PINspirations - WEEK No. 8 - Memorial Day Edition

Happy Monday to my beautiful readers!  I want to start off this week by saying a huge THANK YOU to all of you that supported me last week during my blogger roller coaster.  I was overwhelmed by the positive thoughts and comments that came flooding in!  It made me feel great knowing that people were reading and loving what I write.  So thank you again for your love and support.

Now, it is finally the week before Summer "officially" begins!  Well in my book.  I don't know about you, but Summer begins on Memorial Day and ends on Labor Day.  This week's PINspirations are dedicated to the Memorial Day holiday!!

Something to Create:  If you haven't already figured out by following my social media pages...I love wreaths!  I love making them, I love changing them, I love having one for every possible occasion/holiday!  I already have a patriotic wreath from last year that I just love, but this one has PINspired me to possibly make a new one.  I love the wimsey little vines around the beautiful USA star!

Something to Organize:  When preparing this post I started thinking, "who wants to organize anything on Memorial Day weekend."  So I decided to find something fun to organize!  I found this Summer Bucket List free printable!  When you follow the pin to the original site you will find a fillable one and one that already has ideas for you.  I think this is going to be a new tradition for my family.  We are going to organize a summer bucket list on the way to the beach this weekend for our Memorial Day vacation!  Sounds fun huh?

Something to Eat:  Doesn't this Fruit and Chocolate Pretzel Flag look deliciously CUTE!  I thought so. This would be an amazing little center piece at your Memorial Day cookout this weekend.  It can also be used for July 4th and Labor Day.  You may want to stash this pin away for future Red, White and Blue ideas!

Something to Clean:  The start of Summer means the start of grilling season at my house.  Although we have used our grill a time or two this Spring, we really ramp up the grill recipes during the summer.  After all, it is too hot to be heating up the house with an oven!  Something people often neglect to clean is their grill!  It is very important people!  A dirty grill can cause flare ups and big flames resulting in burnt food or even worse, burnt YOU!  Check out this Martha Stewart - How to Clean Your Grill pin to see how to thoroughly get it done!

Something to Wear:  Usually I am not all into looking like a walking American Flag on patriotic holidays, but this outfit is simple and cute!  I love the splash of red in the belt.  It is a subtle way to celebrate your inner patriotic fashionista!  I think I would nix the red flip flops and just throw on my brown Rainbows to not overdo it, but other than that I love this outfit.

Something to Live By:  Most American's can't see these words without hearing Lee Greenwood singing God Bless the U.S.A. and bringing tears to their eyes.  I know I can't!!  We truly are lucky to live in this Country and to be free to write on blogs, say what we want, read what we want, wear what we want and the list goes on. Just remember during this festive holiday coming up that it truly is a Memorial Day...a day to celebrate those who have fought, died and lived for our Country.  Freedom doesn't come free y'all! Thank them!!  

I'm Proud To Be An American by Lee Greenwood on Grooveshark

Thank you to all of the men and women who have served our Country.  Thank you to their families who have been so patient to allow them to do this for all of our freedom.  God Bless the U.S.A.!

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  1. What a wonderful post sweet friend. I have this obsession with pinning wreaths on Pinterest, but have yet to make the first one. I'm a loser. :)

    1. Not a loser!!! You should definitely make one though. They are super simple. Just get a hot glue gun and go at it!!! Hehe! Happy Monday to you!

  2. I cannot BELIEVE Memorial Day is this weekend. Already?! This year has flown by. Have a wonderful Monday!

  3. I always look forward to this post, pinterest is my fave (but you already knew that). That fruit flag looks so cute and yummy! Is it bad I didn't know this weekend was memorial day weekend? Oops; I Fail.

    1. I think it did sneak up on all of us! I am glad that you enjoy these posts. They look simple, but they actually take more time to prepare than any other post I do during the week. Haha! I do it for the love of PINTEREST!

  4. AHH!! I HAVE to make this fruit and pretzel flag for Memorial weekend thanks for sharing!!

  5. I'm obsessed with this post. It's really rare that people actually stop to think about Memorial Day, other than a vacation day. I love all of these patriotic pins. That wreath is especially adorable!

    Thanks for linking up for MMG!

  6. That fruit and pretzel flag looks amazing..I like want it now. And by that I mean I want it in my belly, NOW ;)

  7. Thank you for linking Up to Monday Morning MakeUp Madness. My favorite was the fruit and pretzel flag. I hope to see you tomorrow too.
    www {dot} confessionsoftheperfectmom {dot} com

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