Friday, May 2, 2014


The Hubs and I have struggled this year to get motivated to get off the couch and workout.  With the Littles running here and there in baseball and gymnastics and our jobs and now my new little blog we hardly have time to do anything to better ourselves.  The Hubs asked me to enter a bet with him to get him motivated, but a weight loss bet would be a dumb idea for me to enter with him.  He is much bigger than I am and well he is male!  Men always have an easier time losing weight than I decided to enter into an Exercise Challenge with him.  This officially started yesterday!  

I will need your love and support to keep me going on this and I wanted to share a little fun we will be having together to get fit and summer ready.  Although we are starting a bit late!

The Rules:  
  • Must exercise for a minimum of 30 minutes per session.  Anything over 30 minutes is merely extra calories burned.  You don't get credit for two sessions if you exercise for an hour.
  • A minimum of twelve sessions must be done within the month. 
  • Any form of exercise counts toward a session. (cardio, strength, yoga, Wii training, swimming, Dancing around the house like a mad woman/man)
  • One person may not in any way sabotage the other by using "keeping the Littles" as an excuse. Parenting teamwork is key!
  • The person with the most sessions at the end of the month WINS! 
The Stakes:
  • Whoever loses must turn over half of their "fun money" for the next month to the winner. (If you check out my Financial Peace post, you will see that we are both allotted a certain amount of "fun money" each month to do with what we please.)

Sounds pretty easy huh?  We shall see!  I was able to get a walk in last night to start off with a bang.  My FIVE of my fitness goals for the month are as follows:
  • Have at least 20 exercise sessions;
  • Lose 10lbs by the end of the month;
  • Stay positive and motivated;
  • Be able to run/walk a 10 minute mile by the end of the month;

Here are a few of my favorite motivational sayings!


And one more for good measure...

I hope that you all will join in and help me stay motivated in this challenge.  I will need as much help as I can get!  Happy Fit Friday y'all!  Have a fabulous weekend.

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  1. You can do this girl! (And I need to be doing it with you!)

    1. Thanks Kayla! C'mon and join in! It will be fun!!!

  2. I totally needed this motivation. I need to go run. I have started the C25K and need to get with it. I used to run all the time and loved it. It really is therapy!!

    1. It really is! Like I said, I walked last night and my mind was so clear this a.m. and I slept well too. You forget these things when you are sitting on the couch!

  3. I LOVE that you chose to write about a fitness topic today as well! I love this idea, you're right it's so unfair how men can lose weight so quickly. Even being super motivated I would NEVER beat T in this type of challenge. He is the most motivated workout man EVER, no exaggeration. He's rarely missed a day since we graduated; except when he comes up to visit me (oops!). But I LOVE this idea, and would love to entertain this idea for maybe a different prize at the end. Good luck Tela, you can do it!!

    ps. What wonderful motivational quotes. The first is my favorite. Happy Sweating sweet girl!

  4. This is such an awesome idea! I may have to steal this. My boyfriend and I are always trying to compete in the fitness area but like you said weight loss is not a fair way to judge as he is a male and much bigger than me. Thanks for such a great idea and I hope everything is going well with your challenge.


    1. Thanks Katie! I hope you guys do something like this. So far it had motivated us. I think we are all tied up now. We shall see!!!

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