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Yay for Good Friday Eve!!  I hope everyone has amazing plans for the weekend.  I know I will be busy!

Today is PINspiration Week No. 2 Reveal Day and you could guess from the post title what I chose...the Sensationail Gel Polish!  I just couldn't resist when I saw it in Target and was able to get it for $37.99 instead of the retail price of $50.00.  I purchased the same one that was pinned last week in Coral Sunset, but then decided to get another color as well.  Today I will show you the 10 minute at home process of applying Sensationail Gel Polish in Kitten Heel.

(Disclaimer:  This color is much more pink than in my pictures.  I was forced to do this after the kids were in bed, so the pictures are a bit darker than the true color.  The true color is closer to that of the link above.)

Below is the entire Sensationail starter pack that I purchased from Target and the Kitten Heel color polish.

The first step is to prepare your nails.  You will do this by filing and buffing the nail with the file provided in the starter kit.  The gray side is the file and the pink is the buffer.  I have found though that the buffer tends to wear out after about two uses, so you may want to purchase another while you are out.

Next, you clean the nails with the gel cleanser and the lint free pads.  All of this is also included in the kit, however, the gel cleanser is merely rubbing alcohol.  So if that is what you have on hand, feel free to use it once the cleanser runs out.

After all your nails are clean, apply the gel primer and allow to air dry.  This only takes a few seconds and you only need a thin layer on each nail.

Now for the actual gel paint/clear transparent.  You will apply a thin layer of this onto each nail.  Be careful not to get any on your cuticle or fingers even though it is clear.  This will help the paint to not peel up from your nails once it is set.

I usually paint both hands and then move on to the next step.

Next you will cure the clear transparent polish on each hand for 30 seconds.  The process that I use to cure is put four fingers in on one hand, switch to the other hand's four fingers and then cure both thumbs together. The lamp will beep after 30 seconds and stay on for another 30 seconds, so you will know when to switch hands. No timing required!

During the curing process, you will be able to see if you got any of the clear transparent paint on your fingers or cuticles.  I usually try to peel it off prior to moving to the next step.

Now you start applying the color.  You will apply one layer of color to each hand and cure for 60 seconds on each hand.  Follow the same curing process as above for faster results.

After both hands are cured apply another coat of color and be sure to cap the nail.  This means running a thin layer over the tip of the nail so that it will not chip.  Next, cure both hands for another 60 seconds each.  I usually repeat this process twice after the color just to make sure everything is cured well.

Apply another thin coat of the clear transparent polish to the nails, remembering to cap the nails one last time. Then cure each hand for 30 seconds.

After the polish is cured and hardened the nails will be a bit tacky, but this does not mean they are wet.  Just take the gel cleanser and the same lint free wipe you used before and run it over all of your nails.  This will remove the residue and make them shine.

There you have it!  A perfectly manicured set of gel polished nails in 10 minutes and you were able to purchase the whole kit for the price that it costs you to get this done in the salon one time!

This is the second time I have done my nails with this kit.  The first time I wanted to experiment and see just how long the polish would last and what kind of beating it could take.  I have to say I was pleasantly surprised although it did not last the full two weeks as advertised on the box.  It did however, last a week and a half through typing, hard core spring cleaning, multiple baths and scrubbing little kid heads with cheap shampoo.  Other polishes would have chipped after the first set of dishes.  I love this stuff and would recommend it to anyone looking for an affordable gel polish kit.

Do you have a gel nail polish kit at home?  What are your favorite brands/colors of gel polish? I hope this post helps anyone who has been on the fence about purchasing one of these.  Do it!  You will not regret it!

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  1. Thanks for the review, girl! I love having my nails done, but having to go through the hassle of doing them all the time is just annoying... especially when they don't last! I've never looked into an at-home gel kit, but I'll definitely be keeping my eyes open. Oh, and I love that colour -- so perfect for spring!

    1. Amanda, thanks for stopping by! I absolutely think it is worth it. I was the same way and I hated the expense also. Before you buy, look on Google for this and have it pull up the shopping thing where it compares the prices. If you have a Target get them to price match. That is what I did and they price matched Walgreens making it $37.99. Also, the polish can be found BOGO sometimes at Sally's Beauty Supply. Hope this helps!

  2. Great job girl! I love the color; I'm currently waiting on a kit from Gelish to try out, and then I'll be putting up my review too! Can't wait to try out some pastel Spring & bright Summer colors:)

    1. Thanks Mary! That is exciting about the Gelish kit. I can't wait to see your review!

  3. I tried the Sally Hansen Gel Polish kit last week. It was a miserable fail and a miserable product. After an hour trying to fix the disaster of what happened, I just gave up and went to the salon. I'm happy this might work because I love the idea but I'm so upset about Sally Hansen's product that I am going to write and get my money back! Anyways, thanks for this review! :) && thanks for linking up with Lovely Thursdays!

    1. Amy, I hate to hear that! I would write for my money back as well. Please take my word for it...this is SO EASY and WORKS! I would not have ever put it on my blog if it did not. I am no where near a professional and usually paint my whole hand, but this works perfectly. It cures perfectly and lasts at least 1.5 weeks! Thanks for stopping by!!!

  4. You had me at "scrubbing little kid heads with cheap shampoo". HAHAHHA. Dying.
    I live in Italy, but this has inspired me to track down this kit when I'm stateside. LOVE painted nails...hate the chips!
    (By the way found you on Confessions the perfect mom!)

    1. Madaline, can I come visit? Ha! The cheap shampoo is no joke. It will peel anything off of anywhere! Thanks for stopping by!


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