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PINspiration Week No. 1 Project Reveal - DIY PALLET PET BED

Well better late than never!  I promised to show you my project reveal that I chose from last week's PINspirations and here it is.

First let me remind you of the PINspiration.  Remember this one???

Well here is my take on it...

Now you want to know how we made it???  Okay, okay I'll tell you!!  Next week....Just kidding!
First we (meaning the Hubs, I supervised and took pictures) took an old pallet that we had around the house and disassemble it.  If you do not have any pallets just hanging out at your house they are super easy to find and most of the time are free.  Take a look on Craig's List or go to your local warehouse stores and you are sure to find a few.  Be sure to ask if you can have them before you take them...hehehe...if not that is considered stealing.  I don't want anyone going to jail for a pallet!

To disassemble the pallet, the Hubs used his Dremel tool with the flush cut blade attachment.  This allowed him to remove the boards from the pallet without pulling all of the nails out of the wood.  It cuts right through the nail.  Then we had this...

Next, the Hubs cut the ends off of the 2x4 boards that are sitting on the saw horses to make them one straight board, instead of with the little handles it has in the picture above.  This was done with a circular saw, making the 2x4's each 18 inches long.  He then attached a piece of plywood the length and width of the bed (we made ours 27in x 18in) to the boards he had just cut using a good old hammer and nails.  Like so...

As you can see our plywood is a little short of 18 inches because it was also scrap that we had just lying around.  It didn't make a big difference because this is the bottom of the bed and there would be a cushion of some sort covering it, so no little pet feet would be harmed!

The next step was to cut two of the disassembled pallet boards to 27 inches long and attach them to the front and back of the structure.  With these boards, the Hubs drilled a small pilot hole into the board before nailing it because the wood is old and cheap and tends to split if you don't.  You could also use tiny finishing nails if you have those on hand and don't want to break out the drill.  Once the boards were attached, he then sanded the entire thing with a belt sander as shown.  This made the wood nice and smooth so there would be no splinters! Ouch!!

After everything was sanded, the Hubs attached the four vertical boards to each corner of the box he had just built. Note:  The bottom of the board should be flush with the bottom of the plywood, not the front and back boards of the structure. These can be any height at this point.  We will show you how we removed the tops of the boards to make them flush in a second.  

Once the four vertical boards are in place around the box, you can then attach your horizontal side boards which will be the width of the bed.  Again, ours was 18 inches.  You will want to nail these to the inside of the two vertical boards as shown below.  We left a one inch gap between the horizontal side boards and the original box boards.  This will determine the height of your bed. (You could also choose to add another horizontal side board to the top, but we did not need the bed to be that deep for our little fur babies.)

Next, a speed square was used to draw a straight line across each vertical board so that it could be cut even with the horizontal side boards.  These were then cut evenly using a circular saw.

Once everything was even, the Hubs attached the back board (cut to 27 inches) to the back of the bed.  Our back board had split, but I liked the rustic look it had so we kept it.  He then sanded the entire bed again making sure all of the edges and boards were smooth.

Yay a finished pet bed!!!  Well almost.  We then applied a coat of wood stain to the bed with a sponge and let it dry for a few hours.  You can use any stain you would like, but we used Minwax Wood Finish Stain in Dark Walnut that we got from Walmart for $7.00 a can.

After everything had dried, I brought the bed inside, put a standard sized pillow in the bottom and covered it with the fur babies' favorite blanket.  They love to sleep on a pillow anyway, so I figured this was cheaper than stuffing a new one.  Also, it fit perfectly into the bed.

I think they like it, don't you?  What do you think about this week's PINspiration reveal?  Do you think this is something you might try?  Please let me know if you have any questions about the tutorial on how it was made.  I would love to help and also see your finished product!  

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  1. Hi Tela! Its wonderful to meet a fellow NC blogger! I found you at Whip it up Wednesday and I love that you made your fur-babies a bed out of a pallet! Those things are so handy. I haven't gotten to try to make anything out of them yet but I'm feeling inspired now! Pinned!

    1. Also since it was inspired by a pin, I would recommend entering it into this contest hosted by Soho Sonnet: You'd get showcased on her blog and a chance to win a $25 target gift card!

    2. Wow thanks RaChil! I will totally look into that. I have also made pallet wine racks . I don't have a tutorial on those because we made them prior to blogging and I didn't take detailed step by step pictures. You would probably like those too! :) Thanks again and thanks for pinning!

  2. I love this idea. Hopefully it would get my dogs from sneaking off their beds and into my bed in the middle of the night. :)

    1. Ha! I don't think it has that effect, but it sure is cute. One of mine always ends up in the bed with us at night. I don't even know when it happens! Thanks for stopping by!

  3. That is such a cute idea, and they look all comfy cozy in their new bed. Thanks so much for sharing on Inspire Me Wednesday. Featuring you in next week's issue.

    1. Thanks so much Mel! I can't wait and am so excited and honored!

  4. Cute! But I don't have any animals to make one for and my other half is in another state and there's no way I could handle this all by myself!

  5. This turned out so cute, Tela! Looks like your fur babies agree :)

    1. Thanks Christy! I can't take too much credit...The Hubs worked really hard on this one. :)


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