Friday, April 11, 2014


Happy Friday Everybody!  TGIF in the most sincere way!!!  It has been a busy busy week and this weekend's weather forecast is looking right up my alley.  We are seeing sunshine and 79 all weekend long here in NC!  Yay...finally.

I wanted to share with you on today's Five on Friday, five reasons I really love being raised and living in the South.  Here it goes...

ONE - Slow and Steady

Something about this place makes everything around you just a bit slower.  Speech is slower (i.e. southern drawl), driving is slower, life in general just seems a bit slower.  This allows me to have time to look at God's works of art, His masterpiece he has given us and also His little miracles that may be lost in the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

When I moved from the mountains and took a job in the city, this took a bit of getting used to.  I felt like I was being talked at, not to and I couldn't process the words.  I felt like cars were going to run me off the road if I didn't go 80mph.  My head was continuously spinning!  After a few years, I began to just fit in and become that fast talking, fast driving, quick thinker.  Never slowing down to take in anything, just go go go! I still find myself doing this sometimes.  It is nice to go back home to the mountains and realize life is too short to speed through it.  Slow down, take it all in, life is beautiful and worth every second spent realizing that!

TWO - Southern Boys

Southern Boys love their Mamas, God and their Country.  I am not saying boys from any other part of the country do not do the same, but this post is about my Southern Loves.  It seems these boys/men are so dedicated to what they believe in.  They are hard workers, whether it be in an office or in a field.  They take pride in their family, friends, work and their accomplishments.  I love my southern boys!

THREE - Sweet Tea

I couldn't make a post about my Southern Loves without including sweet tea!  This is iced tea...with sugar! Haha, just for clarification.  I love the stuff.  I try to mostly drink water, but there is nothing like "sweet tea sippin" on a front porch in the summer time.  And for some reason it just tastes better coming out of a mason jar.  It is by far my favorite non-alcoholic beverage!


FOUR - Good Ole Country Slang

I realize that here in the South we use a little more slang than we should, but that is just how it is.  I try to speak/write in a proper manner on my blog, but I will catch myself forgetting a "g" (sometimes on purpose) or writing a saying that I have used forever.  It is just part of me and who I am.  Here are some of my favorites...


FIVE - Southern Hospitality
This one is a biggie!  I love that people are so friendly, easy going, inviting and just down right hospitable.  Someone is always welcoming you into their home or over for dinner.  At the grocery store or the local diner, the customer is always right.  I see young men helping little old ladies across the street (this really happens y'all).  Yes ma'am, no sir, please and thank you are most of the time used and all of the time taught in my house.  I just love the kind spirits of the South.

(Disclaimer:  This is merely an observance of most of the people who surround my everyday life.  However, I am not saying that all southern folk are like this and no one else in the country is!  There are plenty of bad people down here, I just choose to ignore them and see the good.  It makes me a happier person!There are also plenty of people from other parts of the country/world who are just as equally amazing! Just so no one is getting offended.)

So if you are from here, do you have any Southern Loves?  If you are not, but you love it anyway what are your Southern Loves?  And, if you are not from here what makes you love where you are from?  I would love to hear and even visit some time!

Happy Friday Y'all!  Remember to slow down, no matter where you are, and take in the beauty of God's work this weekend and everyday!  It will make your heart smile!

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  1. Tela, I love your list!! Sweet tea is the best; I can't believe other parts of our country don't have it. And southern boys are definitely the best ;)

    1. Girl I know! It is so un-American!! Hahaha...

  2. all of this is so true! i must have heard my mother say those sayings at least a million times growing up!

    1. Thanks Chastity for stoppin' in! Ha! I heard them all my life too and now use them on my own children.

  3. First let me say I wrote this LONG comment teach of the five then accidentally swiped my finger across the trackpad thingy and it went to the previous screen...hence I lost my awesome comment!!!

    Anyways I don't think I can retype all that again and make it like it was :( BUT I LOVE this post. You know this!! Southern boys (country boys) are the hardest workers and always fight (sometimes literally) for what they believe in.
    My heart will always belong in the NC mountains no matter where my body takes me. I am pretty sure they are the closest you get to heaven.

    1. That they are Cat! That they are... Oh and I hate when that happens! You can never recreate the greatness that your mind spits out twice. Hehehe.


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