Wednesday, April 2, 2014


I am so excited about my shopping trip last night that I just have to share!  I went to the store to pick up some items that I could not get last week because they were out and when I finished checking out I felt like the Coupon Queen!

Here is a quick background story...

Before couponing I used to shop exclusively at Walmart and big box stores like Sams Club.  My children only knew the off brand of cereal, peanut butter, shampoo, fruit get the picture.  We only bought the store brand of everything because it was so much cheaper.  I would still spend about $400.00 every two weeks on groceries and we had cereal in a bag for goodness sake!!!  I just couldn't wrap my head around it.  One of my good friends was an avid couponer and told me about Bi-Lo and  I went to the site, watched all the tutorials on how to coupon and I was hooked.  I can now buy name brand things and have cut our budget to $400.00 a month instead of every two weeks!  I think that is worth it, don't you?

You have to go check out Jenny over at Southern Savers.  She does all the work for you!  All you have to do is clip the coupon and go shopping.

Now mind you, I do not clip every coupon in the Sunday paper and have it in a notebook full of baseball card sleeves.  I am just not that person, nor do I have time for that.  I simply make my list on the site for the store of my choice and print it, go through the linked up coupons and print them or clip what I need out of the paper, shove them in a baggie and I am on my way.  I feel this way I am prepared for checkout and only need to go shopping for what is on the list.  When at checkout I have my coupons ready and people behind me don't have to wait for me to pull them out.  I am also not pulling them out during my shopping trip.  I usually have two kids with me and that could become a bit tedious, but don't get me wrong, it works for some people.

On to last night's shopping trip...

Everything I bought last night is in the picture above.  It includes:

~20 Yoplait Greek yogurts;
~9 Oscar Mayer P3 packs;
~2 Dove deodorants;
~4 Suave Kids shampoos;
~3 Dove for Men body washes;
~1 gallon of milk; and
~6 lbs of ground beef

I had a coupon for everything, but the ground beef (which was on sale $2.79/lb) and the gallon of milk (which we needed and couldn't go without).

Below is a picture of my receipt.  My grand total before coupons was...$84.69.  And after coupons it was...


I saved $60.51 in one trip.  Wooooo Hooooo!  Not to mention that I received $0.85 in fuel perks.

If you are not familiar with fuel perks, they are given on certain items you buy in the store and added to your account.  You can use them at an affiliated gas station to get your fuel perk amount off of every gallon of gas up to twenty gallons.  So with my current fuel perk amount of $0.85, I will save $17.00 on gas on my next fill up ($0.85 x 20 gal = $17.00).

So...if you think about it that way...I really only spent $7.18 after fuel perk savings!!!

The lady in line behind me was so sweet.  She was talking to my daughter the whole time.  She actually started cheering me on near the end of my coupons!  I guess she thought I was going to get it all for free.  I wish!  I have yet to do this, but it is my goal.

Do you coupon?  Do you think it is worth the effort?  How much have you ever saved?  I want to know!

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