Wednesday, April 16, 2014


First of all let me apologize for the late post, yet again!  I am still battling whatever kind of sickness this is, but still wanted to give you a little somethin' somethin' to look at and read about.  I feel like I have been slacking and apologizing a ton lately, but it is what it is.  Also, let me say that PINspiration reveals are now moved to Thursdays.  It is just way too much for me on a Wednesday! good friends E and B had an amazing skating rink themed birthday party for their two littles (both born in April) this past weekend.  They asked me to take the pictures for them and I gladly obliged!  I wanted to share some of my extremely crafty friend, E's amazing works for this party.

E made every cupcake, cake and cake pop in all of these pics!  She is a saint.  I can't say that mine are not store bought.  The icing was even neon!!  She also handmade the cake stands and spray painted them with neon paint.  It made for a super cool effect.  The cake pops were my fave and were DELICIOUS!!!

Above is little #2!  She was turning two and E had the shirt made for her.  I absolutely loved it!!  And well...I absolutely live this little too!

Above in the party hat is little #1.  He was turning seven.  I caught him just has he blew out the candles and boy he was fast.  He must have had some special wishes he couldn't wait to get out!

E provided neon party hats, complete with everyone's names, to each child attending the party.  They all each got a glow bracelet and necklace as well to wear around in the black lights of the skating rink!  This was a cute idea!

Here is E and B's little #1 and Lil Man hanging out at the rink.  Little #1 can skate pretty well, but Lil Man...not so he stayed on solid ground most of the time.   Little #1's shirt was also made special for the party by E.  She bought the iron on from Etsy and the shirt from Hobby Lobby.

I had the Hubs take a picture of me to prove I was actually at the party!  I was loving that black and white chevron high low shirt though.  Don't you?  And there is my favorite Charming Charlie bracelet from Dress Up Date Night.

Here are a few more pictures of the cakes!  I just couldn't get over all the work E put into these.  I also loved the idea of the hat on top of the cake and the pictures of the littles (at the same skating rink) beside the goodies.  The whole thing was a ton of work and super cute.  E did an amazing job!!

What did you think of E's skating rink party?  If my littles could actually stand on eight wheels this would be one that I would have to barrow.  Happy Wednesday everyone!

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  1. OMG this is the most fun party every!! I am loving all the neon frosting. Did it stain everyone's tongues? Your black and white shirt is so cute! Thank you for linking up to Monday Morning Madness! I am so excited to see what you will link up next week.

  2. What a fantastic party! The cakes are frosted with such a cool texture, how on earth did she do that?!


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