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As I have said before, last week was crazy setting up the blog and getting everything done.  I wasn't able to follow my cleaning schedule as I usually do, so everything piled onto my only open day which was Thursday. If I can help it I like to cook as much as possible during the week to save a little money.  So trying to get chores done, take care of the kids and make dinner on Thursday became a challenge.  I didn't want to spend too much time on dinner and didn't want to make a huge mess in the kitchen, so I looked for a quick and easy dish that only took one or two pots.  This is what I came up with!

 What you will need:

 ~ 2 boxes of chicken flavored rice (i.e. Uncle Ben's, Rice-a-Roni)
 ~ a bag of frozen veggies (you can use any you would like)
 ~ 2 cans of cooked chicken
 ~ 2 tablespoons of butter
 ~ 2 cups shredded cheddar cheese

What you will do:

~ Preheat your oven to 350.
~ Cook the rice as instructed on the back of the box.  You do not want to cook the rice until it is completely dry.  We will use the excess water later. (I omitted the butter that it called for because I wanted to lighten it up a little)
~ Cook the frozen veggies in the microwave as instructed on the pack.  Don't over cook them as you will be cooking them a bit more later.
~ Drain the cans of chicken and pour into a 9x13 baking dish.
~ Shred the chicken with a fork until there are no more large pieces.
~ Add the two tablespoons of butter to the chicken and mix.

~ When the veggies are finished, add them to the chicken and butter mixture.

~ Once the rice is cooked and there is a little water left in it, pour everything into the chicken and veggies.
~ Mix all of this well making sure to distribute all of the ingredients evenly.
~ Top with shredded cheddar cheese.

You will then pop this baby into the oven until the cheese is melty (about 10 min) and you are finished! Serve alone or with garlic bread.

While you are waiting for the cheese to melt you will have time to clean your rice pot and anything else you used while making the dish.  This way you have cleaned up everything, but what you will be serving the casserole in and the dishes you use to eat it.  This is a win win in my book.  I hate staying in the kitchen longer to clean up than it took me to make dinner.

I hope you all enjoy this recipe.  Let me know what you think!  

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  1. Oh yum! I can't believe how easy and tasty this recipe is! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks Lindsay for stopping by! It was super easy and made a ton. If you don't have big eaters you can cut it in half, but I ended up posting the doubled recipe. We love leftovers and it still tasted great over the weekend!

  3. Great emergency dinner to have on hand when things are crazy and you need to toss something in the oven.

  4. This looks super yummy Tela! And I love your pictures, since I definitely "eat" with my eyes first. Do you have a DSLR?

    1. ps. Thanks for sharing at Delicious Dish Tuesday this week :)

  5. YUM!! I am always looking for easy, weeknight meals and this is certainly a must try!! Thanks!! :)

    1. Thanks for leaving some love Ashley. I am sorry for the late reply. I was trying to revamp the blog and must have missed it! Thanks again.

  6. This looks delicious! I love that's it's a well balanced meal with meat, veggies, dairy, and grains! :)
    Thank you so much for sharing with us at Delicious Dish Tuesday! I'm featuring this as my favorite recipe on this week's DDT! Cant' wait to see what you share this week! :)

    1. Aww thanks Alesha! That means a lot!

  7. Ooh, chicken and cheese are my major favorites! I bet this is sooo good. :)

    1. Thanks Kacie for stopping by. It was awesome and super easy!


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