Thursday, March 27, 2014


I believe a sunrise is God's gift to us saying, "Welcome to one more day."  As everyone knows, we are not always promised another day.  It is truely a gift!  I am a sucker for a sunrise...I am up very early every morning driving to work and get to see them often.  The colors are magestic and never the same twice.  I think they are the best wake up gift that a girl (or guy) could ever have.  Enjoy them, take them in, think for a minute how glad you are to be alive and thank God for his gift!

This was an accidental sunset that The Hubs and I were able to witness on the way back home from Destin, FL.  We had taken a wrong turn down some back road in Alabama and thankfully so.  If not, we would missed this amazing sight and would have been on a crowded interstate going 75 mph.

This one is obviously on the drive into work.  I was being careful...see how far I am from the truck in front of me?  Don't Judge Me...just enjoy the beautiful sunrise.  It was too good to pass up.

I am just as much a sucker for a sunset.  Here on the East Coast we don't get to see them very often over water like we do the sunrise, but I have caught my fair share when on vacation.  They are the most relaxing, perfect and beautiful way to end a day.  Don't cha think?

This one was caught on the harbor in Destin, FL.

Here is one from our honeymoon in Aruba.  I believe it was my first real sunset over the ocean!  Looks like something out of a magazine doesn't it.  I promise, I took this pic.

 And last, but not least...this sunset is on Lake Keowee in good old South Carolina.  I grew up on this lake and spend every summer there.  I love the mountains in the background!

Happy Thursday Everyone!  I hope you were able to see a beautiful sunrise today and if not, I hope you can catch a sunset. 


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