Tuesday, March 25, 2014


I am absolutely in love with cast iron.  It is my new kitchen crush.  My mom has used it forever, her mom used it forever, her mom's mom used it forever...why am I just finding it now?  We I knew about it, but never knew how AWESOME it was.

I started watching The Pioneer Woman on Food TV with Miss Priss (who is completely entranced by her) and learned all of the uses of cast iron.  We also use it when we go camping to cook over the fire...

While taking a much needed "sick day" with the Hubs, we dropped the kids off at school and headed over to our favorite thrifty place...Goodwill!  The Hubs scored this Lodge cast iron pot for $7.99.  Can we say WOW!!!  It retails for $50.00.  To top it off it was in perfect condition!

I know the guy in the background is thinking, "dang, I wish I would have found that first."  Well sorry buddy cause this baby is going home with us!

I have made tons of things in this pot including spaghetti sauce, cheeseburger soup and on our big snow day I made a delicious pot of chili!  I don't have a recipe to share right now, mainly because I just dump things in the pot and let them simmer, but next time I will be sure to share!

The cast iron holds the flavors of what you cook in it so foods just get better and better as you cook in it.  It is also super easy to clean.  You just rinse it out and wipe with a wet cloth then rub it down with a bit of oil and a paper towel and store.  Be sure to not use soapy water, it will make the pot/pan rust.  I learned that the hard way.

Anyone else out there love cast iron like I do?  Please share some new cast iron recipes, I would love to try some!

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  1. I also love the pioneer woman! I made her lasagna and loved it, and can't wait to try out another recipe. Goodwill is the best isn't it!

  2. Mary, I will be sure to post some pioneer woman recipe tries and link up to Delicious Dish Tuesday! Thanks.

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